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Fractional Evaluation of Golden Ratio

Tyler Berezowsky


July 29, 2014

The golden ratio (Φ) is equivalent to the number approach when the Fibonacci sequence is
performed indefinitely and the last two terms are divided. The Fibonacci sequence can be
described as follows:

Fn+2 =  Fn+1 + Fn (1)

The sequence traditionally begins with zero and one, but can began with any numbers and Φ
will be approached. Starting the sequence with zero and one an example of the series is


Various methods can be used to evaluate Φ the following is the fractional method.

             1 Φ = 1 + -------1--         1 + 1+ 1+1...-

Note that Φ = 1 + 1Φ,

 2 Φ  - Φ - 1 = 0

    ∘  ----------       √-- 1-±----1 --4-(--1) = 1 ±--5-=  1.618...         2              2
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Recently I’ve been in the process of transcribing a graduate student’s thesis to LaTeX when she was requested to develop a CV. In an attempt to help her I developed a simple .tex file for generating a letter in LaTeX. The .tex file and the pdf output should be used injunction to gain insight to writing a letter in the LaTeX environment …I really dislike writing LaTeX as I feel like an urban twelve year old girl. The .tex and output are attached.